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The Gamot Network is test marking their Internet domain packages. The Domain Names and the Value Added Websites are all operational, however, the sign up process is still a manual one at this time.

Gamot.Net Costs...

The cost per domain name is P 5,000 per third level domain. Please note that this is a one time fee! The P5,000 is complete with an Eight Page small Business Website (also good for organizations like clubs, schools and churches) as well as for private domains for people with a message they want heard! Of course, our domain names work the same on the Internet as the domains at or anywhere in the world!

Our Competitor charges US$70 per third level domain which must be paid again every two years! If you have a 10 year plan, you will pay $350! Plus US$350 for the next 10 years. So the first 20 years will cost you $700 at for a domain name that works the same as a domain name that cost only P5,000. If you have your website longer than 30 years you will be paying more than $1,000 Untied States Dollars! (About P42,000!)

On top of this, at you need to pay an additional US$6 per month for the minimum hosting! In 30 years that would be US$2,160 for hosting plus US$1,050 for the domain for a total of $3,210 United States Dollars (about P134,820!)

An eight page website at would cost only P5,000. (You save P129,820 in 30 years!)

(Note: charges extra for the any website hosting. Our Gamot.Net eight page value added website is included with each domain

One Year Only...

The fact is, you cannot go wrong with Gamot.Net! Consider if you wanted to set up a site for One Year Only! = US$70 for the domain plus US$72 for their smallest website hosting. Total $142 (about P5,964) just to get set up - then you need to hire a programmer!

Gamot.Net = P5,000 No Hidden fees and with our easy website builder, even people with NO Experience can build a nice website without paying a programmer!

It all works the same...

The original Domain Name System (DNS) Design was made at a lab in the University of Southern California by Jon Postel and a number of early Computer Networking Pioneers. Jon (God rest his soul) left us in 1998. However, one of the other architects and pioneers of the DNS system married a Filipina and retired to the Philippines in the 1990's! That man, a true Internet and Domain Name Expert, wanted to help Filipinos and he is the one who designed the Gamot.Net system.

Filipina Owned - American Quality - USA Technology - American Engineering - Filipino Price!

Gamot.Net was designed to interface and work EXACTLY the same as every other Internet Domain Name - which assures that your site may be seen with great quality and speed at every location in the world that has an Internet connection! It all works the same... The only difference is the price!

Gamot.Net is owned and run by Filipinas who are trained by the Internet Pioneer that designed the Gamot Domain Name System (GDNS). Gamot.Net makes it easy for Filipinos and those that need high quality Domain Name Service at a low, low Filipino price.

Remember that anything you can do with a third level domain you can also do with a third level domain name! - - - Except Pay More!

Gamot.Net - The "Medicine Root" for lower priced, high quality Internet!

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Gamot Medicine Root!

"Gamot" in Tagalog means "Medicine!"

In Cebuano it means "Root!"

Anyway you look at it the Gamot Network is a Medicine for the Root problems of owning a piece of Internet Real Estate!

We've heard it often... "It cost too much to have a website." "We can't afford the yearly fees." "It is way too technical to have a server and hire a technician - our company just can't afford it!"

Now there is a low cost, high speed, high quality way to have a website that you can do from an Internet Café in an hour or two - and update anytime you want!


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