Use Your Domain Name!

Domain Name Basics

A Domain Name is a POWERFUL TOOL!

It can be used in many different ways.

On this page we give you some examples of how to use your domain name outside of the Gamot.Net Interface. This allows you to ***BRAND*** Your Domain Name - meaning that you can make custom use from your domain to reach the people you want the most...

Here are some examples: We suggest you open these in new tabs or windows (right mouse click) so you can compare the results...

The first use is just use the FREE Gamot Interface. This offers you a LOT of POWER with actually unlimited photos and a lot of other great features. See the
***REAL SITES*** Link to the left for some Real Sites that are build this way.

The rest of this page is about sites that are built in other ways...


The sites below do NOT use the Gamot Network Interface as all or part of their site. These sites demonstrate additional things you may do with your Gamot Domain Name.


If you would like to see some sites that use the Gamot Network Interface, click on "Real Sites" on the left (upper).

(Note: Special Email may be added to ANY Gamot Network Domain site.)


All our domain names may be be created into email systems! For example:


Can be made into a system that has email addresses like:


Any email address that ends with:


(Note: The above email address are not valid and do not work. They are for example only.)

(Note: Special Email may be added to ANY Gamot Network Domain site.)


All Gamot Network Domain Names may be pointed to hosting companies and customized any way you would like!
For example, these sites go through our interface to custom built web sites:



First we can say that we have a site that we like, but the Domain Name (or URL) is less than what we wanted... Let's create a Gamot Domain Name to disguise your name!

We call this Forward To: Some people call this Masking, but the easiest way to understand it is to say it is an Alias!

Assume your name is Clayton Tait and you want to make a rocking MySpace Website. So you log in and start creating your site, and it asks you what you want your site to be called... Clayton naturally! Right?

Wrong! is taken. Ok, how about Clayton's?

Wrong Again! is taken also. No problem you think to yourself! Some of your friends call you Clay, Tait and Tater ~ Surely one of those will be a jackpot! So you start trying... ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN!

This is harder than you thought!
All your First Choices are taken! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN! ~ TAKEN!

All your Second Choices are taken also! ~ FINALLY!

It is the only thing that works so you accept...

It is long, it is not really what you wanted, but hey, what choice did you have? So you accept it!

You like your myspace, but you don't like the domain name you are stuck with...

Then you buy a Gamot Network Domain of your own...
Clayton.T8s.Biz! Wow, it sounds like Clayton Tait's Biz!

You like your myspace, but you wish it had your new domain name...

NO PROBLEM ~ FORWARD TO! The Alias maker!

Now when people type:


What they see is what you have at:

Cool Huh!

That is just one of the things you can do...

The following pairs of domain names or URLs are the same sites,
the Gamot Domain is an Alias, which do you like better?

Which would look better on YOUR Business Cards and Letterhead?

(Note: All Gamot Network Sites may use or omit "www." at the beginning ~ as desired.)

Clayton (Clayton Tait) is the actual example we used above.
See Clayton's MySpace site at...


Dr. Congo (Dr. Felicidad Felicilda) is a Filipino Medical Doctor who is a missionary to The Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo!). Acts-29 is a reference to Gospel work going on in the world today...
See Dr. Congo's Multiply site at...


Bhabes (the late Maria Pepperrell Tait) was a Loving wife and beloved mother...
See Bhabes Find A Grave Memorial at...

(Note: The above two lines are actually all on one line! Split here so you can read it!)

Percy (Precila Andes Tait) is one of the driving forces behind the Gamot Network.
See Percy's friendster here...

(Note: Some sites, like friendster, are set up with older "hard links" rather than the more modern "dynamic links". This will automatically cancel the forwarding. This will still work, you will see the right page, however the actual address will be displayed in the address bar.)