Gamot Network!

As you know, the Gamot.Net system is designed to allow quick access to publishing your business or organization or message on the Internet, in less than a week, at a very affordable price.

The ever expanding and improving Gamot Interface is the heart of this system. (We add improvements to this all the time!)

Our very name, Gamot Network is representative of what we stand for. Gamot in Bisaya means Root. We operate at a root level on the Internet. Many people are unaware that there are plenty of technical services on the Internet, at the Root level, that are simply not used because they do not generate Huge Profits for the company that offers them!

Some are not aware that the Internet's original design, before the USA government and big business started overcharging for everything, was to be an equal playing field for large companies, small businesses, Non-profit organizations and individuals alike! The Gamot Interface makes that a reality.

However, just adding the Gamot service to the Internet's Root is not enough. There is another problem, the "big business price tag." Gamot to the rescue! In Tagalog, Gamot means Medicine and we intend to be the Internet Medicine for overly high cost of publishing on the Internet!

Such a Low Price!

One of the first things the people notice about our price structure is P5,000 ONE TIME!

We do not have a yearly fee for a domain name.
We do not charge a monthly fee for hosting.
We do not repeatedly charge to get rich!

Our goal is to serve our clients by spending on the BEST Internet Services in the world! We do this by investing the low price that is paid, and by running the system on just the Interest! That way we can offer perpetual service and still maintain a low price!

How low, well, let's have an example ... say that "Alleluia Advertising" wanted to take ownership of a piece of Internet "Real Estate", but they did not want to pay a high price.

The! domain name PLUS hosting PLUS web design can reach well over P10,000 just to get set up and on the Internet. Then you keep paying yearly and monthly fees!

The Gamot Interface offers you a low cost option... So let's compare...
(Note: both options work the same with or without the www!)


1)Alleluia would like a web address like www.alleluia.???.??? (like most businessmen, the extensions don't really matter. The days of .com only are over! Wise people know that all domain names are the same today! It has been announced that hundreds of extensions will be added to the Internet within the next five years! Extensions just do not matter!)

2) Alleluia plans to Start with a simple webpage to tell how to find them and a little about their services. This "place holder" will allow them to use custom email and have a website in a few days! Just as if they were the largest company!

3) Alleluia plans to GROW and they expect their website to grow, so it is important for them to choose wisely because their Internet Address and Email Addresses will be printed on Letter Head and Business Cards and Brochures. These may be around for 20 years or more!.

4) Alleluia now has 60 associates that they need email addresses for. They can see that in the next few years that may grow to 100! Alleluia wants each of their associates to have a Alleluia BRANDED email address which will lead people back to the company (and should an associate leave, any email for his address could be routed to another associate - so the business of Alleluia stays with Alleluia!) 60 custom email addresses is a must!

So let's compare Gamot Network to Dot.Ph - Dot.Ph first!

A third level domain from Dot.Ph!
$70 to get the domain for two years
$144 to get the cheap hosting and 20 email addresses for two years
$214 to get setup and $214 every two years there after!

However, you must now add the cost and delay of designing your first simple website. Design work can cost P15,000 and

Sadly, this only gives you 20 Branded Alleluia Email Addresses for your 60 Associates!

The Hosting cost that will allow 60 branded addresses at Dot.Ph will cost you $528 for the first two years instead of the $144

Total cost: $598 - with the piso headed back to P50 to $1 that would be P29,900 at Dot.Ph - just to get your simple web site for contact info and 60 branded email addresses! Oh yes, don't forget to add P15,000 for the web design (the least Dot.Ph charges!).

Remember, this is just TWO YEARS! In two years you get to pay them another P29,900!

How Do We Do It?

Now that you know how much they charge, you will wonder how we do what we do and deliver the highest quality services on the planet(Dot.Ph! just advertises three times as fast as any system in the Philippines Only!)

The fact is, we are not trying to get rich, we are trying to be an example of Service to the Filipino! An example of Nation Building Without Greed! We want Filipinos to Prosper!

To start with, our system was designed by one of the pioneers of networking! In 1973 he was already working on computers and computer Networks. If you look for someone with 35 years experience on computers and networking - you will not find them! This man is a retired American, living in the Philippines more than two decades with his FilAm family. It is said that he has forgotten more about computers and networking technology than most people ever learn!

He personally knew the pioneers and saw the very beginning of the Internet. He personally built, from local parts, one of the fastest and most successful Internet Service Providers in the Philippines before the days when the Telecoms got involved. He wired the First Internet Server in Negros Oriental, and sent the first email from that province!

Most of the most knowledgeable administrators and technicians on the Internet today, owe part of there learning to this man, who also designed the Gamot Interface! He values his privacy so we will not reveal his name, but he is well know.

Needless to say that we have developed this system on the VERY BEST servers in the World (not just in the Philippines). So good in fact that some hugely popular sites like! share the same air and network space with the Gamot Network (they are in the same building, use the same network, and power, and air conditioning as Gamot Network!).

So how do we do this? How do we offer this super fast, extra high quality at such a low price? Simple, we do not buy one piece at a time! We buy in huge volume. We write our own programs too! We support worldwide organizations in 172 countries, with millions of members! With that kind of buying power you can achieve tremendous discounts!

Our buying power, our superior technology and our commitment to making the cost of publishing on the Internet affordable to every business, organization, and individual, these work together to bring our price to an unheard of low!

So how much does it cost?

Gamot Network

The simple answer is

P5,000 ONLY

Just imagine a company that pays Dot.Ph P29,900 plus P15,000 to get a simple website running, perhaps 3-5 pages. Two years later and they have the privilege of paying P29,900 again! P74,800 for the first four years!

P29,900 every two years from then on (unless they raise the price!)

Now picture the WISE businessman who buys a Gamot Network Domain. He pays only P5,000 ONE TIME - that's it, no additional monthly or yearly fees!

But doesn't he get less?

Not necessarily!

Looking at our typical scenario above, here is what he can expect.

Third level domain...

third level, is a third level, is a third level!

Any Honest and Knowledgeable person can tell you that there is exactly no difference between one third level domain and another on the same technology. How do you tell a third level domain, start with the www and count the dots! (if there is no www, just count the dots there and add one for the www!).!-

one, two, three dots = third level domain!!

- one, two, three dots = third level domain!

They work exactly the same.

Compare: (Count the dots!)!!

But the Ph2.Biz is longer, won't that slow me down?

Yes, it will! (hehe!) How much? It is so small you won't even notice. Here is the actually picture. Light travels at 30,000,000,000 (Thirty Billion) centimeters per second and it would slow you down about as much time as it take light to travel 1-2 centimeters! As I said,you will never notice it because it is so small! To compare, the light would travel 6,000,000 centimeter in the same amount of time that the fastest person can press their mouse button! And we are talking only one to two, not six million!

Then is a Second Level better than a Third Level.

That was true in the past, but not completely true anymore! Although third level domains all resolve the same way, thanks to well known domains and servers, people with the right knowledge can bypass this!! If you know how to set up a world wide Internet, then you also know how to add well know domain short cuts!

With advanced technology we are able to reduce the overhead of the Internet by one complete level! So our third level domains will respond like most people's second level domains!

Make a test yourself to see if! acts about the same as ! takes longer! Many cannot tell the difference. Some people say our third level actually beats their second level!

A Ten Year Plan!

If like most business, you have a ten year plan, the difference is dramatic! != P164,500!= P5,000

As you can see, Gamot Network is actually shorter, in the long run! (A little joke!)

Figure 20-30 years and the whole thing gets worse for
Dot.Ph ! (and that is no joke!).

What about Gamot Network email?

(Remember the example where Alleluia needed 60 accounts!)

We have partnered with Google's Gmail to provide you with the BEST!.

Could be your email address this week! In fact, we set you up will 100 accounts and when you use those, you can get 100 more, no extra charge!

From the simplest site to the most elaborate, your domain name and email addresses stay the same! They become your brand!

What about Growth?

We include an easy to build website that has up to eight pages. Contact information and a little text about your business / organization / idea may be on the Internet in just minutes!

With a little effort you can make your web site a thing of beauty!

Can I see an Example?

Although not everyone wants their website displayed for the public... Here are a few examples.

Basic Gamot Interface!

The following sites are built with the basic Gamot.Net Interface ONLY! That means no additional cost! When you buy a Gamot.Net domain you receive a value added eight page hosting for free!

Percy's Playground!!

This is a private site that demonstrated some of the power of the Gamot Interface. The site is about the things the Percy is interested in!

CELIAC SOCIETY ~ Philippines!

The formation team for the Celiac Society - Philippines was given this site within the domain of! (a simple text only Home Made Health Site).

As you can see, a web site may be simple text or an elaborate array of texts and graphics!!

An Online Survey forum used by the North High School (Torrance, California) Class of 1973 to collect information for their up coming 35th Anniversary in September 2008.

This form (please do not use the form - it is active for their website) is available for any Gamot Network website on the Gamot Interface. It collects all the data and then emails it to the Reunion Committee for processing into a Reunion Book!

The Class of 1973 actually has a hosting account, but this form type email would not work on their hosting account - it comes free with the Gamot Interface!

North Class of '73 Reunion BLOG

In this example, the Class of 1973 combined a free service of, with a custom, easy to remember name Blog73.NorthHigh.Info to make custom blog for their class without the ugly ""

What if I need More, like a Forum?

The Gamot Interface will not do everything! As good as it is, there are some limits. However, you can add additional features to your Gamot Interface from any supplier in the World!

Although this is one of the few private second level domains on the Gamot Interface, what they did can be done on ANY Gamot Network third level domain.

You will Notice there is a link to the "NHS Class Forum"

You may add links on your Gamot Interface website to anywhere on the Internet! Even to other free or fee sites!

This website uses the basic Gamot Interface, but adds a Community forum to it. The Community Forum could be added from anywhere in the world, but the expense of this Forum would be in addition to the Gamot Domain Name! (The Gamot Interface Website is still free!)

What about a fully Custom Built Web Site?

As easy as the Gamot Interface is to use, there are times that you need a custom built website.

We want your Gamot Domain Name to be the only one you will need, so here are a few examples of Custom Built Web Sites:

North High Class of '73 Reunion

Our friends working over at the Class of '73 have created a wonderful website, fully custom built about their class and the way things were 35 years ago when they were in High School!

This still uses their Gamot.Net domain name. They have added custom design and hosting which they pay for (there is also free hosting you can use with your Gamot.Net Domain Name!).

Kiwi Dive Resort - Siquijor Island

Another fully custom designed website it the Kiwi Dive Resort at - a very pretty website. Design and hosting fees are paid by the Resort, but the save the P18,000 every ten years for the domain fees they would need to pay at Dot.Ph!

Will this really Help My Business GROW?

Can you give me an example?

A number of our customer have seen growth in their business just by having a custom email address like! instead of a free email address like

Most people today know that Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Edsa Mail are free email. Much spam, scams and many criminal activities take place on these "Free" email addresses.

Tens of thousands of business will not do business with you if you have a free email address! Millions of people feel that - a valid business will have a custom email address and why risk being ripped off by someone to cheap or shoddy (or shady) to have their own custom address?

When people see a business using these free addresses, they start to wonder if it is a real business at all! I saw a brand new Hyundai car driving with a temp license the other day that said you could contact them and buy one at:

It makes you wonder if this is just another scam!

Would you send a million pisos to a car dealer with a FREE!

email address?

Wouldn't it look better if it said to contact them via:!

Or email them at:

Of course, that is a custom email address - some people call it a respectable address!

If they are a real car dealership I am sure the P5,000 would be a great investment in Branding!

Come to think about it (I just noticed my address), I am in the process of making myself a Gamot.Net address this week for our Gamot Network business!

Can I Have A Name That Doesn't End In


We have dozens of domain roots.,!! and! are popular with business. For those with sites for OFW's we have

There are many that would be good for churches and some for certain business members. Some that are dedicated to special groups and organizations too (restricted to their members). A working list of domain ROOTS is at:

WOW! All that for only P5,000! Is there anymore?

Well yes! As an owner of a Gamot Network Domain Name, you are entitled to sell domains to your clients, that you buy from us! Plus, we give you a very good discount! Sell a hand full of domains and your site will pay for itself! Sell more and create an extra income for yourself - in a business that is needed by almost every business in the Philippines - at a price everyone can afford!

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